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Call to Action phrases, Are yours Effective?

Why aren’t Prospective Clients calling? Your Call to Action may not be Effective?

You probably already have a nice website and are wondering why aren’t prospective clients calling and ringing the phone off the hook?

Call to Action Phrases

You may have a well established website and are catching peoples attention. It might even be well ranked by the search engines. So why aren’t they calling?

You may need to guide your audience as to what you want them to do and lead them to take action.

Here are five examples of common and effective call to action phrases.




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call to action sample
  • Contact or Call Us NOW!
  • Available for a short time.
  • Act NOW!
  • Here’s a free e-book by joining our newlsetter. Click here!
  • Click the Buy it Now button.

Design each page with one objective.
And that’s to assist the prospective client to take a call to action.

Take One!
Just Right mouse click on one below and copy.

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Your Call to Action

Not only is what we want to do with a site and how attractive it is important, but also how certain features of a site affect a potential customer’s reaction to taking action.

Usually when we design a website we start off with the main page known as the home page, an about us page, a contact us page, and possibly an online store front page.

In general there are many variables to a design. We are going to mention a few that professional website designers are aware of:

Create a call to action – Right after assisting your reader with information or making an offer, you should ask them to press a button to download an e-book, fill out a form or make call. That is known as a call to action.

Create conversion page – This is the page representing results for your business. A good example is the contact us page, a form or the online store front page where someone makes a purchase. The point here is that you should always give something away and request a response in return.

A/B testing – In many cases it’s important design two or three different versions of a design and perform a test known as a/b testing to compare the performance of two entirely different pages and see which one brings traffic to one more over the other.

Multivariate testing - Multivariate testing allows you to test content in different variations in different sections of your page simultaneously. For example you would try different variations of headlines, images, and product descriptions and test the results.

Keeping the Prospective Client in mind

No matter which way you look at it, it’s always about the client. As a web design company, these are the types of questions and methods we seriously take into account to make sure that your website is properly designed. This is a great start for you. We could assist you with a new website or a website makeover.

If you would like a free consultation or could use some help.

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